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  I had FLA in June of 2023 at Prostate Laser Center. For both prostate cancer and BPH treatment. I would highly recommend Prostate Laser Center as center of excellence. The education care and treatment met all my expectations.  I am thrilled to report that I'm cancer free and fully functioning .  Both Dr Karamanian and Harmon are expert practitioners and operators. They have also developed a strong support team and office staff to guide you through the delicate process. I would recommend them without hesitation.

thumb Jason A.

  I started having prostate problems at 35. My PSA was never higher than 3.4 and that was an anomoly, but median lobe enlargement was bad. By age 50, symptoms were severe and had a PAE that was only moderately successful. Median lobe enlargement is hard to treat and the side effects of procedures are more pronounced and more likely. And PAE is not effective on Median Lobe.
   At 57, I was in terrible shape. The options urologists gave me guaranteed retrograde ejaculation with incontinence somewhat likely and impotence was possible. No!
   After some research, I found Dr. K. My wife and I traveled to Houston and talked with him and his staff. They were fantastic. The next day I had the procedure. Dr. K said my case was the 2nd worst he had seen with the median lobe enlargement and might take me more time to see the hoped for results.
   Less than 2 months is the norm, Mine took 3 months, but when my healing came, it was complete. I am 3.5 years post procedure. I have no side effects from the procedure. I urinate like I was 20 again. I do not suffer from ED and have no problems with incontinence. Also, after stopping flomax and other medications, I have no retrograde ejaculation.
  I am no longer waking up at night to urinate. I have my life back.
My last PSA result was 1 year ago and was 0.46.
I tell people that my insurance didn't cover the procedure (3 years ago), but it was the best money I ever spent.
Thanks Dr. K.,

thumb J O.

  After a lot of research into options for treating my Gleason 7 (3+4) cancer, I decided upon Dr. Karamanian in Houston. It was worth the trip. Dr. Karamanian, Nurse Donnie, Nurse Olivia all went out of their way to provide a smooth process. Olivia even came to our hotel at 2AM when the catheter was blocked the night after the procedure (also brought the tools and showed us how to unblock it ourselves in the future). Post surgery was essentially painless. Catheter was a bit of a hassle for 12 days. Urination after removing the catheter was initially a bit painful but progressively subsided to nothing in 2 weeks. After one month there are already very minimal remaining side effects that should continue to subside. I believe FLA is the best approach available today for many prostate cancer cases. We will see how things look as time goes on, but I'm optimistic that the best work that I could have found was done.

thumb W W.

  My name is Gary Walker.  I'm 72 years old.  I've been dealing with fluctuating PSA levels for over 12 years.  After numerous biopsies and genomic tests I was advised that I was at 'low risk' for developing prostate cancer, but diagnosed with BPH; weak stream, sudden urges to urinate, and getting up three to four times a night to go to the bathroom.

In December of 2022 my PSA jumped to 15.1; had an MRI (no cancer); and, was prescribed a drug that would make me gain weight, potentially render me impotent, and shrink my prostate. No thanks.  I asked my urologist about focal laser ablation for my BPH and he advised me against it.

Having become familiar with the Prostate Laser Center I immediately requested a consultation online.  I was contacted instantly, they secured my medical records, and following review of those records, arranged for me to speak with Dr. Aaron Harmon.  From my initial request, to my consultation with Dr. Harmon. was about 48 hours. He was professional, personable, encouraging, and informative.  Ten days later on February 28, 2023 I flew to Houston for laser ablation of my prostate by Dr. Harmon.

My procedure and recovery was 'exactly' as they described it would be; painless and uneventful.  I had my PSA tested less than six weeks after the procedure and my PSA dropped to 1.43.  Stream is strong.  No sudden urges to urinate. No getting up in the middle of the night!

If you are considering this procedure, don't hesitate.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Dr. Harmon and his nurse, Olivia Morales, are great!

thumb Gary W.

  It is an amazing feeling. The physical side was painless, there have been no side effects and the mental relief is phenomenal !  The process was quick and painless...Wow!

The experience with the Prostate Laser Center was fabulous. After all the historical information was submitted, the most difficult part was waiting to find out if I was a good candidate.  

Dr. Harman was wonderful: patient, understanding, helpful and without a doubt, thorough, meticulous, empathetic and superb in his specialty.  Donnie Sartin was a great complement to the entire experience with the same great traits. They both made me feel comfortable in describing and understanding the process, before, during and after.  I've never felt better in the hands of medical professionals !

The day of the pre-op was very helpful. One cannot be prepared for the procedure without some nervousness and trepidation but Dr. Harman and Nurse Donnie did their utmost to explain everything, from the process, to the benefits, to the potential outcomes.  I don't think I could have been better prepared.

The procedure itself went smoothly and quickly.  If it wasn't for the catheter and the associated leg-keg, one would never know anything had happened. I don't mean to imply the procedure itself was simple. In my case, it took 4 hours and involved 15 ablations. I was completely amazed there was no pain or discomfort. That is why I am so impressed. It speaks highly to the skill of Dr. Harman.

The post-op was a great experience as well, with a detailed briefing on the process and what to expect going forward, from both of the professionals: Aaron and Donnie.  It was fascinating to get a full de-briefing on the procedure complete with before and after MRI pictures to enhance the understanding of it all.

To have the cancer removed simply and with precision, with no side effects and (for me) absolutely no after effects or complications is such a relief and joy that it is almost indescribable.  While there are no guarantees, I don't believe there is a prostate cancer solution that can come close to the best prospects for complete resolution with limited, if any, side effects.

I can only begin to give the Prostate Laser Center, Dr. Aaron Harman and Nurse Donnie Sartin, the highest possible accolades and recommendation !!

I would be remiss to not acknowledging the others that make this process possible: Susan, introduction, Olivia, reception, Juliana, logistics, Dr. K (also the IT guy), Olivia, nurse.  My heartfelt thanks to all.

thumb Ed S.

  You don't always see five STARS everywhere. Then you wonder if it's too good to be true,
I can say ; everything good  i read turned out to be true and everything goes as planned. PSA 6.5 BPH size 106 dr. K said it was less and Explained there's different ways to measure it. The MRI showed no cancer: They spent at least four hours for the surgery doing I'm sure the best they could.It was easy and painless actually nurse Donnie takes well care of you. Except for the antibiotic shots.worst part of the whole process was the catheter ,however after 13 days I removed it  easily at home. Everything was working good! No problems.No more catheters no more pills! I would've stayed next-door to the office in Houston but they saved me 100 bucks and I stayed at the Zaza hotel.  The first day You can walk to their offices it's a nice walk through the park.Plan on using a Uber for everything else, that works out fantastic. No matter how hard you try Juliana wont pick you up anywhere. THANKS PLC TEAM,   FLA 2/23 /2020

thumb Kent S.

  Doctor Karamanian and nurse Donnie are great.  I'm now 7 months out after my FLA procedure and could not be happier with the results.  Very caring and professional.  Well worth the trip from Phoenix to Houston.  I was treated for BPH and prostate cancer.

thumb Steve N.

  I had procedure for BPH with Dr K,  the best thing I have ever done.
I am 5 weeks post procedure and the stream is better today than 20 years ago.  
No pain with procedure or afterward. No complications.  I will never have another issue with my ablated prostate again.  Thank you!  Mark

thumb Mark D.

  I flew in from Seattle early March, 2020 for both FLA and BPH treatment after review of my 3T MRI CD images with Dr. Karamanian.
The surgery went exactly as Dr. K detailed in the Pre Op.
It has now been 3 weeks Post Op. and each day brings more confidence
in my fast track return to maximum performance.  I am fully functional
and NO lesions any longer.  The Surgery was a complete success in every way.  I feel confident that frequency will diminish with each week, but even now I know how much better I truly do feel.
Dr. Karamanian is so very talented, HUMBLE, focused, and shows so much caring to the patient.  Nurse Donnie gave such personal care to me both before, during, and after the surgery.  He is outstanding as well.
Julianna coordinated the entire scheduling with precision, and special care.
I could not rate a HIGHER rating than as good as it GETS.  Dr. Karamanian is the very BEST of the BEST.
So grateful for this Surgery to get my LIFE on TRACK.
Denison Luce

thumb Denny L.

  It's now 6 months after my FLA, I went for FLA because I had severe BPH problems with potential bladder deterioration and I was  Gl4+3.  I investigated FLA other FLA practitioners and decided on Dr.Karamanian after watching the last 3 years as his FLA practice and expertise developed. I am very glad I decided to have him perform FLA. So far results are excellent, my PSA prior to FLA was 10.3, 6 months after FLA is now at 0.6, my IPSS as far as BPH was at 25, now is 1, only because I need to pee once overnight. My average urine flow 3 months after FLA was 13.6 ml/sec, 4 months after was 16.6ml/sec, I have no urgency, frequency is normal, every 3-4 hrs.
I have no ED, never had any issue in this department, I am fully continent. My most recent prostate 3TMRI as part of 6 months follow up, was carried out and reviewed independently by another radiologist who confirmed I have no residual cancer left,  Dr.Karamania says the same. Thank you, Doctor and Nurse Donnie, you are a great team.

thumb Andrew O.

  After being diagnosed with stage two prostate cancer (PSA # 9.7) I researched four treatment options, prostatectomy, radiation treatment, HIFU, and Focal Laser Ablation.  Although my insurance, BCBS, only would cover the first two options, I chose Dr Karamanian to perform Focal Laser Ablation (FLA).    My research found that many urologists don't have extensive experience performing HIFU and almost none perform FLA.   I found this to be the most preferable option as there were no undesirable side effects, no diapers or leakage, no ED, no pain or discomfort etc.  If I have a reoccurrence, I will still have the four options mentioned above available - not so had I chose prostatectomy or radiation.  
The treatment itself was relatively easy with minor discomfort.  The staff was outstanding and competent.  My PSA number dropped to 1.09 and my MRI showed no concerns as of my six month post-procedure checkup. I would suggest booking your return flight three or more days after the procedure just in case you have to wear a catheter a tad longer than usual - I didn't want to have to attempt to self-catheterize in the event that urination was a problem (turns out I didn't, but it is a possibility).   I would also suggest sticking with Houston Medical Imaging for the MRIs including follow up MRIs as they use the most advanced equipment and the staff knows how to deliver Dr. K with the most useful results.
I owe Dr K and his staff (shout out to Donnie) the most sincere gratitude, they have saved my life and my quality of life.  No question I would recommend this option after all, for the price of a small car, I have returned to good health with no complications.   Thank you Team K, you're the best!

thumb David B.

  Diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma prostate cancer on 11-2-18. Gleason score 3+4-7.

Had Focal Laser Ablation on April 2, 2019 performed by Dr. Ara Karamanian at Prostate Laser Center in Houston on April 2, 2019.

Had 6 month follow up on November 1, 2019. PSA level was 0.29.

MRI performed by Dr. Joseph Busch on this date revealed NO CANCER.

Thank you Dr. Karamanian

thumb Steve B.

  I had MRI guided Focal Laser Ablation for BPH done on Sep 6, 2019.  The moment I met the doctor and his team at the pre-op appointment I knew I am in good hands.
Both Dr. Karamanian and Nurse Donnie Sartin went into a great length to minimize any chance of infection and to maximize my comfort during and after the procedure.
As a result I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure.

The day after the procedure the doctor met me at his office and explained in detail what exactly had been done and why.
It was clear to me that he takes great pride in his work, loves what he does and above all cares about his patients.
I left his office with a feeling that I just acquired a new family member.

It's been now two months since I had the FLA done in Houston and the results are truly amazing.
Today I feel absolutely no discomfort, no urgency, good flow, and I can usually sleep through the night.

I got my life back thanks to a great team of the Houston Prostate Laser Center.
My special thanks to Dr. Ara Karamanian and Nurse Donnie Sartin.

thumb Alex U.

  My focal laser ablation was Tuesday, April 30th. 1 tumor with two positive cores (all other cores benign on target biopsy). Cores were 10 percent 3+4=7 and 20 percent 3+3=6. I almost got a RP until my google research found this procedure. Left Austin Monday morning with wife, 2 daughters and 1 grandson around 9:00 to make my 2:00 appointment at the Prostate Laser Center in Houston. At the appointment Dr. Karamanian previewed all that he was going to do during the procedure telling me how he was going to have to crowd the neurovascular bundle in order to insure he killed all the cancer so there was a risk of ed if he had to ablate too much. The next morning I was at the 3T MRI site at 6:00 for final prepping before the procedure. This is where the unbelievably great nurse, Donnie Sartin, explained in detail what was going to happen while inserting the IV needle into my arm with me barely realizing it! The insertion of the catheter was extremely easy as I only felt a little pinch as he pushed it past the sphincter. They started with biopsy probes to check the grade of the cancer they were about to ablate then proceeded with the ablation of which, though I was technically conscious, I don't remember. I then went back to the hotel and slept that afternoon and most of the night. The next day I went back to the office, had the catheter removed, got another heavy duty antibiotic shot (I also got one during the day 1 appointment), looked at before and after pictures of my prostate, then went back to the hotel. Stayed in Houston one more night in case there were complications with urinating then came home to Austin around noon.
I won't know any numbers yet but I'm sure they're going to be close to normal for a 69 year old man since they killed about 1/8th of my prostate around the tumor. The catheter was uncomfortable and I was glad to get it out after 24 hours but that was the only thing that bothered me in the least.
All in all this operation was very professional which was executed by very talented people who know what they're doing. (While in a very informal atmosphere.)  If you consider this procedure, I highly recommend Prostate Laser Center in Houston, TX.  Oh, PSA 1.9 with clear MRI at 6 months!!!!

thumb Jack S.

  I had FLA with Dr. Karamanian and Nurse Donnie in October of 2017.  My PSA has since gone up a little (to 3.0) and the local urologists were wanting to remove my prostate based on follow-up MRI's (without even doing another biopsy).  I decided to get a biopsy just to make sure.

I flew to Texas for the biopsy as I believe that Dr. Karamanian and nurse Donnie are hands-down the best.  I simply would not have trusted the results of a "blind" TRUS biopsy done locally as my first biopsy done this way came back "inconclusive" even thought it turned out that I had a significant amount of Gleason 7 (3+4) cancer.

The biopsy took about 2 hours as it was very, very carefully targeted to any suspicious areas using advanced MRI technology (in comparison, a TRUS biopsy takes about 5 minutes).

I am happy to report that the pathology report came back negative!  I simply can't say enough great things about Dr. Karamanian and Nurse Donnie - they are amazing!

If you are considering getting a prostatectomy and are not ready to possibly lose your sexual functioning and also possibly have incontinence problems - please do some research.  I believe that Focal Laser Ablation is the best option if the circumstances allow for the procedure to be chosen and my experience is that most urologists are very quick to want to remove the prostate gland - mine would have been removed even though I am cancer free by my local urologists.

Thank you Dr. Karamanian and Nurse Donnie!!

thumb Bradley H.

  After a diagnosis of severe BPH and aggressive Gleason 8 prostate cancer, my wife found Dr. Karamanian and the Prostate Laser Center online.  A phone interview, an office visit, and another MRI (expertly read by Dr. K) convinced us to deny my urologist's recommendation for a radical prostatectomy and use Dr. K's laser treatment.  The laser ablation went well.  Recovery was uncomfortable because of the amount of tissue that had to be ablated, but only lasted about 3 months, at which time my PSA went from 6.4 to 1.6, with all BPH symptoms gone.  Now at 6 months post ablation, my PSA is 2.0, no cancer detected via MRI follow-up, and all other functions are normal.  Dr. Karamanian and his staff are superb.  Professional, caring, accessible, and responsive to your needs.  I would recommend Dr. K to any man experiencing BPH or prostate cancer.

thumb Baron L.

  I highly recommend Dr Ara Karamanian for prostate laser ablation.
Having a diagnosis of prostate cancer is unsettling to say the least.
I had seen my Urologist in San Diego every 6 months with PSA monitoring. He recommended an MRI when my PSA rose to 11.19, after going through multiple prostate biopsies he recommended a radical prostatectomy. He counseled me that common complications included incontinence, impotence and significant surgical recovery. I searched for several alternative therapies and that is when I learned about prostate laser ablation. After I filled out the contact form on the Prostate Laser Center website I was called by Dr. Karamanian personally. He answered all of my questions and concerns 
After uploading my MRI, Dr Karamanian went over my case thoroughly, explaining the procedure and possible complications. His nurse Donnie Sartin was also available to answer questions and took excellent care of me before, during and after the procedure. I am really pleased with my results. I was able to travel 2 days after the procedure and my wife and I took in the NASA flight center and went out for dinner. My PSA has gone from 11.8 to 1.64 and my one year MRI follow up shows I am cancer free, with none of the worrisome complications I would have faced with radical prostatectomy
 I would strongly suggest you get an MRI and a consultation as soon as you get a cancer diagnosis. The practice of active monitoring only allowed my cancer to expand, which I did for four years. I wasn't informed a MRI would have been an important diagnostic aid until I went from low to moderate risk. I could have done the laser ablation sooner.

thumb Ron T.

  Just completed focal laser ablation (FLA) for G 3+4 prostate cancer with Dr. K on September 25th.  As other newly diagnosed men understand, the decision making process is very difficult.  Every man must make their own decision on the course of treatment.  After a few months research and multiple consultations and second opinions, I chose FLA.  Dr. K and Nurse Donnie patiently answered every question I had.  The whole process from decision to treatment was respectful, courteous and professional.  If you are considering a focal mode of treatment, please have Dr. K read your MRI as a first or even second opinion.  I am forever grateful to Dr. K and Nurse Donnie for their skill and dedication.

thumb Michael C.

  In Feb. of 2017 I was diagnosed with aggressive stage IIA prostate cancer with multiple tumors.  Gleason score of 7 with both 3+4 and 4+3.  I had consultations with numerous Doctors and they all wanted to remove  the prostate or radiate it.   I was terrified of the side effects and the permanent loss of function that removal or radiation were almost certain to cause.  I was 50 when I was diagnosed and I was devastated at the prospect that the cure I needed was going to cause a permanent loss of function due to the cancer being located near the left nerve bundle.   I personally knew several people that had da Vinci surgery and a couple that had undergone radiation.  I also attended  a  local support group and met dozens of other men that had surgery or radiation.  Out of all of the people that I met, only 1 person had a good outcome with only a minimal loss of function.   After exhaustive research, I came across FLA and Dr. Ara Karamanian.  He spent more than an hour on the phone with me discussing my case on more than one occasion.  I spoke to every Dr. that does FLA and he was by far the most generous with his time and he was very honest about the possible risks and outcomes.   His method of operation is to underpromise and to over deliver.   In my case, saving the left nerve bundle was impossible with removal or radiation and it would be very difficult even with FLA.   Dr. K was very honest. He said he thought it was possible and he would do his best, but he could not guarantee that the nerves could be saved due complexity and location.  Again, I also had multiple tumors that complicated my situation.  I needed more time and attention than most patients and Dr. K spared no expense.  He blocked off extra time in a very expensive 3T MRI machine and allotted extra time for the procedure. The level of service and personal attention that I received was above and beyond any medical professional that I have ever encountered.  Dr. K sees a lot of patients, but he schedules them realistically.  At every appointment I was the only patient scheduled during that block of time.  He wasn't behind from the previous patient and he was not rushed to get to another one waiting.   He personally called and checked on me several times in the days following the procedure and he offered to come to my hotel anytime day or night if I had any concerns.  It has been 10 months since the procedure and my results have been nothing short of amazing.  Dr. K saved the nerves. The cancer is gone,  my PSA is 0.5 and my quality of life is amazing.  I have had no pain and ZERO loss of function.  I highly recommend Dr. Karamanian!

thumb Patrick K.

  Went from cancer to no cancer painlessly and immediately with no side effects.  I know it sounds too good to be true but it is not.  Dr. Karamanian is caring, trust worthy, and totally honest.  Will take calls day and night.  
Any man that has a prostate problem needs to see him before making a radical choice.  He truly is amazing

thumb Jon H.

Had FLA with Dr. Karamanian for Gleason 3+4 confined to the prostate. Throughout the process I was impressed with his knowledge and skill. He did a remarkable job of removing the lesion area and also generous margins around it. It's a long procedure, and I appreciated that he took the time to ensure he removed the lesion and margins. 1/3 of the prostate was removed, yet I experienced no negative side effects. The 6-month follow-up (MRI plus I also did PSMA-PET at my discretion) shows no cancer, and 0.65 PSA. FLA is unknown to many MD's. My Urologist and PCP had not heard of it. I'm not impressed with my Urologist, so no surprise there. My excellent PCP was curious and looked into it later. He thought it would be an excellent choice for treatment.

Warren Vinzant Avatar Warren Vinzant
January 3, 2024

I had FLA in June of 2023 at Prostate Laser Center. For both prostate cancer and BPH. I would highly recommend Prostate Laser Center as center of excellence. The education care and treatment met all my expectations. I am thrilled to report that I’m cancer free and fully functioning

Jason Arnold Avatar Jason Arnold
December 22, 2023

I would like to heartily endorse the Prostate Laser Center (PLC) of Houston for their expertise and professionalism during my bout with prostate cancer and BPH. I can't say enough about Dr. Harman efficient and personable service. As the events below unfolded, he provided me with his mobile phone number with expectations for me to call if there were any questions or concerns they could address. I found Dr. Harman delivered "bad news" well and was very responsive to my questions and concerns during recovery. He was knowledgeable, articulate, personable, professional, and compassionate. Dr. Harman stayed on the phone with me for several extended periods following emails to him, inquiring, answering, and assisting. I have not found this level of support in my dealings with other medical professionals. PLC is committed to improving men's prostate and urinary health. The ablation was effective and I am blessed to be free of cancer and BPH now!

Kirby Bozeman Avatar Kirby Bozeman
November 8, 2023

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the fall of 2023 and given 2 choices (surgery or radiation) for treatment by my urologist. After some research and a recommendation from a friend, I contacted the Prostate Laser Center in Houston. From the first conversation with Dr. Harman by phone, the procedure and 6 mo. follow up about a year later, Dr. Harman and staff were amazing and displayed a genuine concern for my health and quality of life. I can't thank them enough........I highly recommend the Prostate Laser Center as an option when considering treatment.

Tim Thompson Avatar Tim Thompson
October 31, 2023

My experience with FLA at the Prostate Laser Center has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone in this facility is a devoted professional and ensured my care was thorough in every regard. I feel very fortunate to have found a facility using today's most modern technology and procedures. Dr Karamanian is a highly skilled physician and leading expert in his field. I highly recommend him to others and would not hesitate to use him again. In contrast to older more radical procedures, my results from FLA have been perfect and side effects have been very minor.

Bruce Hudson Avatar Bruce Hudson
September 4, 2023

I highly recommend Dr. Karamanian and the Prostate Laser Center for prostate issues. You may or may not be a good candidate depending on certain criteria, but I was fortunate in that, after submitting all my documentation to them, I was a good candidate and decided to utilize their services. In my opinion, Dr. Karamanian and his staff are the best in the business and are not just there for your money.

Raymond Dowling Avatar Raymond Dowling
August 15, 2023

There’s a poster in their office that says, “We Save Men’s lives”. That sums it up in 4 words, and I believe they saved my husband’s life. My husband’s PSA fluctuated as high as 4.72 to as low as 3.0. Our MRI result was PI-Rads 4. Scripps (San Diego, CA) doctor never mentioned how large the tumor was, but recommended we go to St. John’s Cancer Institute (Santa Monica, CA) for a biopsy. My husband’s tumor was located at the anterior of the prostate. At St. John’s, they performed a transperineal biopsy, with MRI guided with ultra sound. They told us this was the most accurate. First biopsy result, 3+3=6, 5% cancer. St. John’s recommended “active surveillance”. Given we live in San Diego, we had our 3rd consult at UCSD. We sent MRI radiology report, images, and biopsy results to UCSD one week prior to consult. During our consult with the UCSD doctor, he said he trusted the first biopsy result, and advised “active surveillance”, we’ll see you in 3 months. UCSD Doctor never mentioned the size of the tumor. Thus, far, we’ve seen three doctors, none of which mentioned the size of the tumor. Given my father died of prostate cancer at a very young age, I was not going to sit around and let the cancer grow in my husband’s body. After doing tons of research, I uploaded the MRI images, MRI radiology report, and 1st biopsy results to Dr. Karamanian and Dr. Harman. Dr. Karamanian called my husband 24 hours later, told him his tumor was 2cm, and that there was no way it was a Gleason score 6. Dr. Karamanian told my husband that the first biopsy missed the tumor. We flew out to Houston the following week and had a consult with Dr. Harman. He showed us the MRI images, and showed us this large 2 cm tumor bulging into the bladder. It looked as though a balloon was ready to burst into my husband’s bladder. Dr. Harman said this is not something to wait on. Dr. Harman was amazing. He spent unlimited amount of time with us, answering all of our questions. During this visit, Dr. Harman performed an “in bore” live MRI guided biopsy. He showed us pictures of the biopsy, clearly showing the biopsy needle going straight through the tumor. During the 2nd biopsy, Dr. Harman also tested my husband’s prosthetic hip with the Tulsa, but the prosthetic hip interfered with the Tulsa, so Tulsa treatment was not an option. 2nd Biopsy result, 3+4=7, 95% cancer. The week following our 2nd biopsy, we went to UCLA for our 5th opinion. This doctor was very prepared, and had reviewed all of the images, test results prior to our consult. The UCLA doctor was very worried the cancer had metastasized given the size of the tumor; he ordered a PSMA pet scan. Pet Scan result, cancer still contained in prostate. UCLA doctor recommended proctectomy. When we asked the UCLA doctor about the laser surgery in Houston, he said the tumor was very large, but if Houston thinks they can do it, that’s an option. He said Houston is one of the best in the country for laser. We flew back to Houston a week later, and Dr. Harman performed the laser surgery on 8/1/23. Dr. Harman was amazing!!! He was very thorough and treated the cancer aggressively, getting the margins he needed. He spent so much time with us, pre-biopsy, post biopsy, pre-op, post-op, etc. The nurses, Donnie and Olivia were amazing as well! Our care was amazing and the entire team is passionate about saving lives, while providing the gold standard for medical care. I uploaded the MRI images post-surgery to UCLA, so our oncologist could review the images. He was so pleased with the results of the laser surgery, that he personally called Dr. Harman to tell him! I will update our post at 6 months, once we have a new MRI, new PSA blood test baseline, and possible new pet scan results. I wanted to share our entire journey, because I know I’m not alone when it comes to trying to find the best care for the men we love!

Valerie Kent Avatar Valerie Kent
August 10, 2023

Prostate Laser Center Review May 26, 2023 After receiving a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in July 2022, I began to search for alternative and Holistic treatments, rather than the standard invasive treatment recommendations from my local Urologist, I embarked on an Internet search that led me to the Prostate Laser Center and Halo Diagnostics. My medical history, recent MRI scans and family history were submitted for evaluation, and I set out to learn all I could about Prostate Laser Center. What I had discovered was a non-invasive treatment to attack very specific Cancer cells while avoiding damage to surrounding cells. The laser was aimed by a live MRI that was active during the compete procedure. After my files were reviewed, I received a call from Dr. Harman and Dr. Karamanian advising that they felt good about attacking my Prostate Cancer with their FLA procedure. We scheduled an appointment, and I planned a trip to Houston, and the procedure was completed October 11, 2022. Two days later I met with both Dr. Karamanian and Dr. Harman and staff, who were confident that all of the caner cells had been destroyed. A six month follow up MRI and blood test were scheduled for April 2023, at which time the MRI showed that the Cancer cells were destroyed, and my PSA was .029. Thank goodness that I found the Prostate Laser Center! I am convinced that his procedure works.! And I believe it should be approved as a standard treatment for Prostate Cancer patients, made available to the wider population of Men who need it. Ken W.

Ken Wertz Avatar Ken Wertz
June 4, 2023

I am 69 years old. I had my FLA procedure on Februrary 1, 2023. At that time I was completely obstructed (bph) and was using intermittent catheters. By mid April I was able to stop using tamsulosin. I have a level of function that I have not had for over 20 years and no complications. The staff at Prostate Laser Center was terrific. Special thanks to Dr. Harman and nurse Donnie.

Gordon Davis Avatar Gordon Davis
May 8, 2023

Well my name is Joseph and I am from Florida, I was diagnosed on Dec-2022 and immediately started to search an alternative to prostatectomy, it was not an easy decision and not too many options, however once I called Halo office in Huston TX a nice woman named Olivia answer my call and all the questions I had as well, she was pleasent and made me feel at ease, even though I hade a Doctor in Florida that does the same without mentioning any name It did not feel good, so I flew And did the proceder with them, the Doctor was young and amazing, he even went an extra mile to insure hi probabilty of Success, Thank God I found these professsionls and thank you Dr God bless..

Joseph Gueta Avatar Joseph Gueta
January 14, 2023

I'm 57 and now 7 month cancer free PSA back down under 4. The FLA procedure was painless for me with no side effects after healing. The catheter was the only downfall of this procedure for me. But worth the discomfort to get where I am now. I went through 3 local doctors at a high standard hospital trying to get answers to why my PSA numbers were rising. Of course antibiotic little to no benefit to lower PSA. The normal biopsy came back ok no cancer. So finally I talked to the second doctor into allowing me to pay for my own MRI and then they found cancer in the upper half of my prostate where the biopsy couldn't reach.( Why do a blind biopsy to not find cancer? Waste of time ,money and lives.) By the time I got to Dr. K my PSA was 22 and my gleason was 3+4=7. Dr K said he wished I would have been there 6 months earlier. He felt I had a good chance that the FLA treatment would work but was very open that there is a chance it might come back. I also suffered from BPH. He said he would have to take a lot of my prostate in order to get all the cancer and to relieve my BPH. As many have said Dr. K and staff are above and beyond in all aspects of this procedure. It is sad to me that the medical world is not getting behind this. I went to an oncologist that specializes in prostate removal and had done over a 1,000 removals. And when I mentioned FLA he looked at me like a deer in the headlights. Folded his folder up and said let me know if I can do the procedure and walked out. I know there is still a chance the cancer could come back. But by doing this FLA procedure I still have other options left. I Thank God for the opportunities we have in America and that God put special people like Dr. K and staff here to take care of us. Jay G

Jay Grube Avatar Jay Grube
July 16, 2022

Although Dr. Karamanian determined that I was not a candidate for laser ablation, he called me personally the very day he received my MRI, answered all questions, and advised me that the radiation recommended by my prostate oncologist was probably the best option for me. I appreciate the time he spent with me (over 2 phone calls) and his candid advice.

Mary Belle Rogers Avatar Mary Belle Rogers
June 24, 2022

You don't always see five STARS everywhere. Then you wonder if it's too good to be true, I can say ; everything good i read turned out to be true and everything goes as planned. PSA 6.5 BPH size 106 dr. K said it was less and Explained there's different ways to measure it. The MRI showed no cancer: They spent at least four hours for the surgery doing I'm sure the best they could.It was easy and painless actually nurse Donnie takes well care of you. Except for the antibiotic shots.worst part of the whole process was the catheter ,however after 13 days I removed it easily at home. Everything was working good! No problems.No more catheters no more pills! I would've stayed next-door to the office in Houston but they saved me 100 bucks and I stayed at the Zaza hotel. The first day You can walk to their offices it's a nice walk through the park.Plan on using a Uber for everything else, that works out fantastic. No matter how hard you try Juliana wont pick you up anywhere. THANKS PLC TEAM, FLA 2/23 /2020

Kent Seis Avatar Kent Seis
April 22, 2022

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in mid 2013. During my research, I found information about a relatively new treatment called FLA and began researching the practitioners, one of which was Dr. Ara Karamanian in Houston, TX. After discussing my case with numerous urologists, radiologists and oncologists in 3 different states over 2+ years, I decided on "Dr K" and feel very fortunate that I found him. I was treated by "Dr K" by FLA of the prostate in Dec 2017 after communicating with him for over a year prior and for the 5+ years since. I have found him to be one of the most caring and compassionate physicians I have met. He always gave me whatever time and information I needed pre and post treatment and actual listens to my concerns and desires. He tells you like it is - he doesn't sugar coat it - BUT, he knows how to put you at ease and give you the information needed to make your decision. If only all physicians were as understanding.

Tim O'Pry Avatar Tim O'Pry
February 11, 2022

My husband and I are very grateful to Dr. Karamanian for his optimal medical treatment for my husband's prostate condition. He received focal laser ablation and the results were fantastic. If you have a prostate condition that needs treatment, including many cases of cancer, and you want to optimize your chances of keeping your sexual and bladder functioning (who doesn't?) in many many cases I think there's no one better to see than Dr. K. The urologists, even the best ones, will recommend their procedures, but it would seem the risk of horrible permanent side effects is much greater. It is worth checking out to see if focal laser ablation may be the best intervention. Sadly, insurance probably won't cover it. Hoping the future will bring more widespread use of less barbaric treatments for the many men who suffer with prostate conditions. You can read the forum of many smart patients who have been to many smart doctors, on team inspire (prostate community) if you'd like to read more about these matters. But to end this, we found Dr. K to be a fantastic doctor and a fantastic human being.

Janet Mendola Avatar Janet Mendola
June 29, 2021

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