Laser-focused on our patients

Advanced Techniques in Treating Prostate Cancer and BPH

"Great staff, great results. Technology has changed the treatment options possible. The doctors and nurses at Prostate Laser Center really do care about patient service. They will spend whatever time is needed to make sure you are informed." - Ross
"The results are truly amazing. Today I feel absolutely no discomfort or urgency, have good flow, and can usually sleep through the night. I got my life back thanks to Prostate Laser Center." - Alex
“It has been 8 months since my FLA procedure. I have had zero encounters of incontinence, which was my #1 concern regarding side effects. I would certainly highly recommend Dr. K to anyone seeking FLA." - Hartwell
Laser-focused on our patients

Advanced Techniques in Treating Prostate Cancer and BPH

Our Approach Puts Patients First

The Prostate Laser Center was formed in order to provide a high level of personalized care to each patient. Dr. Karamanian, an award-winning board-certified interventional radiologist, diagnostic radiologist, and biomedical engineer created the Prostate Laser Center to focus on delivering the best outcomes and putting patients first.

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Prostate Cancer
has Newer Treatment Options

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer to affect men, as well as their second most common cause of cancer-related death. With breakthroughs in 3T multiparametric MRI, doctors can provide better screening options, more accurate diagnoses, and treatment options with a lower risk of side effects compared with traditional treatments.

Prostate inspection

Relief from BPH
is Easier Than Ever

Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) can make it harder to urinate as you age. You could have trouble starting, have a weak stream, or wake up at night. Using advanced, 3T MRI, we can precisely identify the areas of tissue overgrowth, and precisely treat problem spots less invasively and without a hospital stay.

Prostate Laser Center, as a part of the HALO Diagnostics team, can now forge a path with cutting edge prostate cancer and BPH treatments. The combination of science and technology is allowing us to do what was previously only dreamed of.

—Dr. Karamanian

Dr Ara Karamanian
Focal Laser Therapy Video
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Is Laser Focal Therapy right for you?

Prostate mpMRI and Guided Focal Laser Ablation for Prostate Cancer

Do you have questions about a prostate cancer diagnosis? We’ll walk you through the diagnostic process, starting with a TRUS biopsy vs. MRI.

Watch this video to learn the advantages and disadvantages of various treatment approaches from prostatectomy to radiation to laser focal therapy. See example images from focal laser ablation cases, and hear directly from Dr. Karamanian.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Focal Laser Ablation & TULSA-PRO with Dr. Karamanian

Prostate Laser Center in Houston, Texas specializes in helping men screen for and treat prostate cancer or BPH through minimally invasive therapies. 

Dr. Ara Karamanian is an award-winning, dual board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist, diagnostic radiologist, and biomedical engineer who created the Prostate Laser Center to focus on delivering the best outcomes and putting patients first.

Prostate Cancer Treatment: Focal Laser Ablation & TULSA-PRO with Dr. Karamanian
Play Video about Prostate Cancer Treatment: Focal Laser Ablation & TULSA-PRO with Dr. Karamanian

See what people are saying about Prostate Laser Center

My experience with FLA at the Prostate Laser Center has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone in this facility is a devoted professional and ensured my care was thorough in every regard. I feel very fortunate to have found a facility using today's most modern technology and procedures. Dr Karamanian is a highly skilled physician and leading expert in his field. I highly recommend him to others and would not hesitate to use him again. In contrast to older more radical procedures, my results from FLA have been perfect and side effects have been very minor.

Bruce Hudson Avatar Bruce Hudson
September 4, 2023

I highly recommend Dr. Karamanian and the Prostate Laser Center for prostate issues. You may or may not be a good candidate depending on certain criteria, but I was fortunate in that, after submitting all my documentation to them, I was a good candidate and decided to utilize their services. In my opinion, Dr. Karamanian and his staff are the best in the business and are not just there for your money.

Raymond Dowling Avatar Raymond Dowling
August 15, 2023

There’s a poster in their office that says, “We Save Men’s lives”. That sums it up in 4 words, and I believe they saved my husband’s life. My husband’s PSA fluctuated as high as 4.72 to as low as 3.0. Our MRI result was PI-Rads 4. Scripps (San Diego, CA) doctor never mentioned how large the tumor was, but recommended we go to St. John’s Cancer Institute (Santa Monica, CA) for a biopsy. My husband’s tumor was located at the anterior of the prostate. At St. John’s, they performed a transperineal biopsy, with MRI guided with ultra sound. They told us this was the most accurate. First biopsy result, 3+3=6, 5% cancer. St. John’s recommended “active surveillance”. Given we live in San Diego, we had our 3rd consult at UCSD. We sent MRI radiology report, images, and biopsy results to UCSD one week prior to consult. During our consult with the UCSD doctor, he said he trusted the first biopsy result, and advised “active surveillance”, we’ll see you in 3 months. UCSD Doctor never mentioned the size of the tumor. Thus, far, we’ve seen three doctors, none of which mentioned the size of the tumor. Given my father died of prostate cancer at a very young age, I was not going to sit around and let the cancer grow in my husband’s body. After doing tons of research, I uploaded the MRI images, MRI radiology report, and 1st biopsy results to Dr. Karamanian and Dr. Harman. Dr. Karamanian called my husband 24 hours later, told him his tumor was 2cm, and that there was no way it was a Gleason score 6. Dr. Karamanian told my husband that the first biopsy missed the tumor. We flew out to Houston the following week and had a consult with Dr. Harman. He showed us the MRI images, and showed us this large 2 cm tumor bulging into the bladder. It looked as though a balloon was ready to burst into my husband’s bladder. Dr. Harman said this is not something to wait on. Dr. Harman was amazing. He spent unlimited amount of time with us, answering all of our questions. During this visit, Dr. Harman performed an “in bore” live MRI guided biopsy. He showed us pictures of the biopsy, clearly showing the biopsy needle going straight through the tumor. During the 2nd biopsy, Dr. Harman also tested my husband’s prosthetic hip with the Tulsa, but the prosthetic hip interfered with the Tulsa, so Tulsa treatment was not an option. 2nd Biopsy result, 3+4=7, 95% cancer. The week following our 2nd biopsy, we went to UCLA for our 5th opinion. This doctor was very prepared, and had reviewed all of the images, test results prior to our consult. The UCLA doctor was very worried the cancer had metastasized given the size of the tumor; he ordered a PSMA pet scan. Pet Scan result, cancer still contained in prostate. UCLA doctor recommended proctectomy. When we asked the UCLA doctor about the laser surgery in Houston, he said the tumor was very large, but if Houston thinks they can do it, that’s an option. He said Houston is one of the best in the country for laser. We flew back to Houston a week later, and Dr. Harman performed the laser surgery on 8/1/23. Dr. Harman was amazing!!! He was very thorough and treated the cancer aggressively, getting the margins he needed. He spent so much time with us, pre-biopsy, post biopsy, pre-op, post-op, etc. The nurses, Donnie and Olivia were amazing as well! Our care was amazing and the entire team is passionate about saving lives, while providing the gold standard for medical care. I uploaded the MRI images post-surgery to UCLA, so our oncologist could review the images. He was so pleased with the results of the laser surgery, that he personally called Dr. Harman to tell him! I will update our post at 6 months, once we have a new MRI, new PSA blood test baseline, and possible new pet scan results. I wanted to share our entire journey, because I know I’m not alone when it comes to trying to find the best care for the men we love!

Valerie Kent Avatar Valerie Kent
August 10, 2023

Prostate Laser Center Review May 26, 2023 After receiving a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in July 2022, I began to search for alternative and Holistic treatments, rather than the standard invasive treatment recommendations from my local Urologist, I embarked on an Internet search that led me to the Prostate Laser Center and Halo Diagnostics. My medical history, recent MRI scans and family history were submitted for evaluation, and I set out to learn all I could about Prostate Laser Center. What I had discovered was a non-invasive treatment to attack very specific Cancer cells while avoiding damage to surrounding cells. The laser was aimed by a live MRI that was active during the compete procedure. After my files were reviewed, I received a call from Dr. Harman and Dr. Karamanian advising that they felt good about attacking my Prostate Cancer with their FLA procedure. We scheduled an appointment, and I planned a trip to Houston, and the procedure was completed October 11, 2022. Two days later I met with both Dr. Karamanian and Dr. Harman and staff, who were confident that all of the caner cells had been destroyed. A six month follow up MRI and blood test were scheduled for April 2023, at which time the MRI showed that the Cancer cells were destroyed, and my PSA was .029. Thank goodness that I found the Prostate Laser Center! I am convinced that his procedure works.! And I believe it should be approved as a standard treatment for Prostate Cancer patients, made available to the wider population of Men who need it. Ken W.

Ken Wertz Avatar Ken Wertz
June 4, 2023