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What is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer in men and the second most common cause of cancer deaths in men. Almost as many men die of prostate cancer as women die of breast cancer. Fortunately, breakthroughs in 3T multiparametric MRI now allow for better diagnosis and precise treatment of prostate cancer.

What is BPH?

Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) often occurs as men age, making it difficult to urinate. A weak stream, delayed initiation, and waking up at night are all symptoms. With 3T multiparametric MRI, we can now precisely target and treat the problem areas with no hospital stay, less trauma, and 1/20th of the average blood loss of the surgical "gold standard."

Prostate mpMRI and Guided Focal Laser Ablation for Prostate Cancer

This video begins by describing the diagnosis of prostate cancer starting with a TRUS biopsy vs MRI.  It then describes the advantages and disadvantages of different treatment approaches and provides examples of images from focal laser ablation cases.

Meet the Specialists

Ara Karamanian

Dr. Ara Karamanian

Ara Karamanian, MD is a board certified diagnostic and interventional radiologist specializing in prostate cancer.

Donnie Sartin, RN, BSN, CRN, CSRN

Donnie Sartin has extensive experience with focal laser ablation with hundreds of patients dating back to 2013.

Featured Patient Testimonial: Wayne Gregory

Family, safety, and preserving quality of life were top of mind for Wayne Gregory when he chose laser focal therapy, also known as focal laser ablation (FLA), to treat his prostate cancer.

“I had lesions ultimately on both sides of the prostate near the nerve bundles,” said Gregory. “I knew that the skill and precision it was going to take to get that cancer ablated was going to have to be very, very high.”

Our ablation patients come from all over the world

See what people have to say

You don't always see five STARS everywhere. Then you wonder if it's too good to be true,I can say ; everything good i read turned out to be true and everything goes as planned. PSA 6.5 BPH size 106 dr. K said it was less and Explained there's different ways to measure it. The MRI showed no cancer: They spent at least four hours for the surgery doing I'm sure the best they could.It was easy and painless actually nurse Donnie takes well care of you. Except for the antibiotic shots.worst part of the whole process was the catheter ,however after 13 days I removed it easily at home. Everything was working good! No problems.No more catheters no more pills! I would've stayed next-door to the office in Houston but they saved me 100 bucks and I stayed at the Zaza hotel. The first day You can walk to their offices it's a nice walk through the park.Plan on using a Uber for everything else, that works out fantastic. No matter how hard you try Juliana wont pick you up anywhere. THANKS PLC TEAM, FLA 2/23 /2020read more
Kent Seis
Kent Seis
23:16 22 Apr 22
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in mid 2013. During my research, I found information about a relatively new treatment called FLA and began researching the practitioners, one of which was Dr. Ara Karamanian in Houston, TX.After discussing my case with numerous urologists, radiologists and oncologists in 3 different states over 2+ years, I decided on "Dr K" and feel very fortunate that I found him.I was treated by "Dr K" by FLA of the prostate in Dec 2017 after communicating with him for over a year prior and for the 5+ years since. I have found him to be one of the most caring and compassionate physicians I have met. He always gave me whatever time and information I needed pre and post treatment and actual listens to my concerns and desires.He tells you like it is - he doesn't sugar coat it - BUT, he knows how to put you at ease and give you the information needed to make your decision. If only all physicians were as more
Tim O'Pry
Tim O'Pry
22:41 11 Feb 22
My husband and I are very grateful to Dr. Karamanian for his optimal medical treatment for my husband's prostate condition. He received focal laser ablation and the results were fantastic. If you have a prostate condition that needs treatment, , including many cases of cancer, and you want to optimize your chances of keeping your sexual and bladder functioning (who doesn't?) in many many cases I think there's no one better to see than Dr. K. The urologists, even the best ones, will recommend their procedures, but the risk of horrible permanent side effects is much greater. Focal laser ablation is in many cases the optimal treatment intervention. We don't need to always be so barbaric any more. You can read the forum of many smart patients who have been to many smart doctors, on team inspire (prostate community) if you'd like to read more about these more
Janet Mendola
Janet Mendola
21:39 29 Jun 21
After a very extensive search and speaking with numerous doctors and …reviewing their results data (as best as one can, as many do not want to share their results data); posing all of my questions and evaluating and taking note of their answers (or not/avoidance; note that I did not want any personal data of patients, primarily just aggregate data); getting a feel for their demeanor as well as what was important to them and what their priorities are; gauging with my best assessment of integrity and authenticity; …my short list came down to Dr. Ara Karamanian at the Prostate Laser Center and Dr. John Feller at Desert Medical Imaging. Ultimately, I chose Dr. Karamanian at the Prostate Laser Center. Dr. K was one of the most attentive and responsive FLA doctors I spoke with. Dr. K called me back promptly whenever I had any question or request. Dr. K’s assistant and nurse, Donnie Sartin, was also great to have caring for me. He replied thoroughly and articulately and took the time needed to fully address any questions or concerns. My perception of, and ultimately experience with, Dr. K and Mr. Sartin were very positive. Adjectives that come to mind are: real, genuine, caring, responsive, knowledgeable, skilled, intelligent, experienced, receptive, thorough. In my various other research efforts, including seminars and support groups, I had occasion to run into a couple of other men who had FLA performed by Dr. K. Both of them had nothing but positive things to say, including the most important, no residual or recurrent cancer as of the time I spoke with them. On a technical/clinical note, not all doctors sought the same margins. The more margin, the less chance or residual/recurrence, as the cancer has “tentacles/roots” (non-medical terms). I liked what Dr. K told me about his grid pattern in ablating as well as the margins. It has been 8 months since my FLA procedure. I have had zero encounters of incontinence, which was my #1 concern regarding side effects. At 6 months, my PSA was 0.3 and my 3TMRI, reviewed by two radiologists, including Dr. K, both stated there was no residual or recurrent cancer. I am feeling blessed and pleased with the success to-date and would certainly highly recommend Dr. K to anyone seeking more
Hartwell Rainey
Hartwell Rainey
22:18 29 Aug 20
My biopsy found one core only with cancer, but it was a Gleason 8. After extensive research, I concluded FLA was my most conservative course of action, however the few places I read about offering it only accepted up to Gleason 7. When I called Dr. Karamanian, he told me he would consider accepting me as a patient. After reviewing my MRI, he called me and said he could do it. Recovery from the procedure was not difficult and 7 months later, my follow up MRI found no malignancy in my prostate and my PSA is .6. I am extremely more
Alan Fischer
Alan Fischer
10:37 23 Jul 20
Dr.k was quick in getting back to me when I needed initial consultation. I sent my biopsy results and waited two months after biopsy to get an mri. Upon receipt of my mri dr k called me personally stating he was confident he could take care of my 4 plus 3 Gleason cancer.I booked a flight underwent the procedure and he showed me he had been successful in the removal. The catheter was a little prolonged but considering the magnitude of the cancer I expected some issues.The procedure is fast and easy ( all but the catheterization process)I also called sperling in Florida. He did not get on phone ,in fact after waiting two months for the mri I was devastated by the way the office treated me ,and had his secretary tell me that the cancer was not one that focal ablation could be done to, she advised me to get chemo. I asked to talk with someone that could explain and was denied??My cancer was right next to the neural bundle and was a risky surgery- one that dr k was confident he could do -Needless to say the overall experience with prostate laser in Houston was successful. The barbaric choices available in mainline urology makes the focal laser ablation the best choice for meI do not know if the “ touch up” will be needed but the choices of focal laser over removal or chemo made it clear that I made the right choiceI would be glad to speak to anyone who is trying to make a decision on what procedure to undergoJamesread more
James Pratt
James Pratt
10:45 07 Jun 20
I highly recommend the Prostate Laser Center. Dr Karamanian and Donnie are highly skilled and very caring professionals. I came to the Prostate Laser Center with a PSA of 24 and a diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer (gleason 7). After one treatment, my PSA dropped to 1.33 and my prostate scan showed no sign of any problems. Dr Karamanian has literally been a lifesaver and I highly recommend his services. I trust him completely and find him to demonstrate the highly levels of professionalism and more
Mason Barrett
Mason Barrett
03:10 04 Jan 20
Dr. Karamanian and Donnie are an amazing team, and a blessing from God to come alongside men suffering from prostate cancer as well as benign enlargement that robs many of quality of life. They are the epitome of compassion and skill in healthcare. Dr. K goes the extra mile to help men - even those who do not become his patients. For me, he’s been there to read my MRIs and return phone calls to reassure me. Dr. K is a man of integrity and deep faith in the Lord. His faith is tangibly lived out in how he cares for his patients. Donnie is simply the best, and all you could ask for in a nurse. Men with prostate cancer or BPH should look to Dr. K before considering more invasive options. 10 more
Asahel717 .
Asahel717 .
16:56 03 Oct 19
Just wanted to share our recent experience. My husband (42) had random blood work done in March. His PSA came back at 12.54. He has had zero issues or symptoms. We saw a urologist in San Antonio who diagnosed him with prostatitis before even doing an exam. Saying this was from too much caffeine. He then proceeded w/treatment of 3 different antibiotics and zero additional testing (21 days each RX). All DRE’s continued to be normal and no symptoms ever presented. The PSA dropped to 5.1 when said Dr recommended a traditional in office biopsy and when we declined he recommended another med known as finasteride (which has awful side effects!) Thankfully we opted for a second opinion from Dr. Karamanian in Houston with Prostate Laser Center. Dr. K performed an MRI which revealed a lesion. We then opted for an MRI guided biopsy with TRUS. The procedure took about 2 hours and was completely painless. We got our results and my husband is completely cancer free. Dr. K said this is a scar tissue relayed to chronic and acute inflammation, not always apparent through an MRI. Our entire experience with he and his entire staff was excellent. They went above and beyond by answering all of our questions, spending as much time as necessary with us and ensuring my husbands comfort was a top priority. Dr. K took the time to call us on a Friday evening and give us these results because he knew how much it mattered to us. This is truly the best medical treatment we have received in a very long time!read more
Joanna Busenlehner
Joanna Busenlehner
02:57 20 Jul 19
Follow-up appointment for a "touch up" to previous procedure. Could not have been better. Quick appointment setting, thorough workup, expert procedure done, the usual personal follow-up phone calls. Nurse Donnie is great. May very well be the best prostate doctor in the world.
Pete Hitesman
Pete Hitesman
15:31 28 May 19
After a diagnosis of severe BPH and aggressive Gleason 8 prostate cancer, my wife found Dr. Karamanian and the Prostate Laser Center online. A phone interview, an office visit, and another MRI (expertly read by Dr. K) convinced us to deny my urologist's recommendation for a radical prostatectomy and use Dr. K's laser treatment. The laser ablation went well. Recovery was uncomfortable because of the amount of tissue that had to be ablated, but only lasted about 3 months, at which time my PSA went from 6.4 to 1.6, with all BPH symptoms gone. Now at 6 months post ablation, my PSA is 2.0, no cancer detected via MRI follow-up, and all other functions are normal. Dr. Karamanian and his staff are superb. Professional, caring, accessible, and responsive to your needs. I would recommend Dr. K to any man experiencing BPH or prostate more
Baron Lukas
Baron Lukas
19:57 23 Apr 19
I am both amazed and deeply impressed by Dr Karamanian, he is passionate in succeeding at helping people escape the nightmares of wrong and bad surgery, I have yet to meet a surgeon that displays the same ideal qualities that he has, most don't seem to genuinely care, it seems they will gladly conduct harmful surgery upon you without a conscience, sadly I have yet to meet a surgeon that comes anywhere near the qualities and passion to genuinely help others like Dr Karamanian, I am looking forward to my more
Brian Moyle
Brian Moyle
19:27 16 Mar 19
I was referred to Dr. Karamanian by Dr. Joe Busch who performed an mpMRI guided biopsy of my prostate in January 2019. I had one small tumor with a Gleason 3+4 score. I have been looking at the various treatment options and am convinced that Focal Laser Ablation (FLA) is the best possible treatment and the least invasive treatment that is available today.I could not be more pleased with the entire process of dealing with Dr. K and his staff. Dr. K actually answered the phone and talked with me before I signed up for the treatment. I was then contacted by his nurse, Donnie Sartin, and the process flowed very smoothly from that point forward. I learned that not only could Dr. K treat my cancer, but that he could also treat my BPH condition.My wife and I traveled to Houston and met with Donnie for pre-op on 2/25/2019. We then met with Dr. K who showed us my mpMRI and explained everything to us in detail. He spent at least an hour with us and answered every question that we had.The procedure took place the next morning (2/26/2019) and Donnie and Dr. K kept my wife well informed throughout the process.We returned to Dr. K's office on 2/27/2019 for post-op treatment and review. Dr. K showed us the before and after of both the cancerous area and of the area that he treated for BPH.Dr. K and Donnie gave us their personal cell numbers and Donnie has already responded to at least 3 texts that I sent him at 9:30 PM each evening.As I write this we are back in South Carolina where I am resting and recuperating. We plan to attend church in the morning. Dr. K and Donnie tell me that for 3 weeks my BPH symptoms will get worse, but that we should see improvements after the internal swelling goes away.I would give Dr. Karamanian and Donnie Sartin the highest possible ratings at this point. These guys are not just good at communicating. They are both extremely skilled and professional providers of a cutting edge technology that will become standard in due time.I am so thankful that we were lead to Dr. K and his staff. He is highly skilled and cares deeply about his patients. I give thanks to God and will just say that these people are AMAZING!read more
Max Gregory
Max Gregory
18:12 02 Mar 19
he has successfully treated BPH I had for over 15 years by focal Laser ablation -FLA, all men function were preserved! The BPH symptoms I had for many years are gone just after 5 weeks form FLA. He is a great doctor, caring, honest, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. K. to anyone with more
Victor B
Victor B
23:53 18 Aug 18
I had Focal Laser Ablation performed by Dr. Karamanian on 10/12/17. I am extremely grateful for the availability of this procedure and for Dr. Karamanian's skill and genuine concern for his patients well-being and quality of life. In my opinion Dr. Karamanian is performing now what will be a standard treatment in 20 more
Bradley E Hagstrom
Bradley E Hagstrom
16:49 19 Oct 17
I was diagnosed with Advanced Stage II Prostate Cancer in August 2016. I researched various treatments with 7 or 8 doctors, and decided on Laser Beam Therapy. Then, I heard about Laser Ablation Therapy and contacted Dr. K. What a refreshing experience for me. I met a man with total honesty, he is to the point -straight forward, and very caring. Same with his Assistant, Samantha. Dr. K performed Laser Ablation on me December 4, 2016. May 4, 2017, my MRI showed Dr. K was able to remove 100% of my tumors, some very large.; so, I am Cancer Free today. I have no side effects. Doctor K. is a wonderful Doctor in every respect and has allowed me to have an unimaginable quality of life today. I am so grateful to more
Rowe Sanderson III
Rowe Sanderson III
00:33 04 Aug 17
I can only echo all the positive things that everyone else wrote here. Dr Karamanian is one in a million.
Michael Ginat
Michael Ginat
17:14 03 Aug 17
Dr. Karamanian and the staff at the Prostate Laser Center provide a level of care and concern that is second to none. I came to Dr K in very poor shape in need of some kind of prostatic intervention. Dr K gave me as much time on the phone as needed to fully understand the procedure and prepare me for the post operative recovery period. My results have been spectacular and Dr K supported me through the most challenging parts of my recovery with a warmth and kindness that for me was unprecedented in the medical more
Ross Pearlstone
Ross Pearlstone
17:11 03 Aug 17
I could not have had a better Doctor! Dr Karamanian is compassionate, sympathetic and explained every step of the procedure before we got started in great detail. Nurse Samantha & Ravina were also wonderful and endearing. On our follow up visit the next day we went over results of what was done. A very beneficial outcome! Cancer is GONE!!!!!!read more
Boise Citizen
Boise Citizen
18:48 09 Jun 17
Kent S.
2022-04-22 15:52:18
You don't always see five STARS everywhere. Then you wonder if it's too good to be true, I can say ; everything good i read turned out to be true and...
Tsafrir Y.
2022-04-10 00:21:29
Very considerate crew. From Dr. K Donnie and all the nurses. The best experience if you need to go through something like this. I would rate them with 15...
Tsafrir Y.
2022-04-08 17:24:35
Very caring and considerate team. From the doctor the nurse and all the rest of the staff. Personal relationship connection and care which make the...
Bill H.
2022-03-30 09:47:36
I was treated with Focal Laser Ablation by Dr. Karamanian in October of 2020 for Prostate cancer. At the time of my treatment, my PSA was 16. A year after...
Tim O.
2022-02-11 14:41:05
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in mid 2013. During my research, I found information about a relatively new treatment called FLA and began researching...
Steve N.
2021-12-06 13:35:55
Doctor Karamanian and nurse Donnie are great. I'm now 7 months out after my FLA procedure and could not be happier with the results. Very caring and...
Francis S.
2021-11-03 20:48:30
I have just turned 77 years old and was told in 2007 after biopsy that I had prostate cancer. Now it was up to me to decide which treatment to go with. I...
Stephen D R.
2021-11-03 16:20:09
My urologist had recommended that I have a prostatetctomy to remove the cancer in my prostate and my prostate along with it. After doing my own research I...
Mustafa U.
2021-09-17 20:32:33
Outstanding, simply the best. My perspective you can't do any better. Prostate cancer to being simply no cancer. Price is steep but if you have to cash in...
Mark D.
2021-03-09 17:00:25
I had procedure for BPH with Dr K, the best thing I have ever done.I am 5 weeks post procedure and the stream is better today than 20 years ago. No pain...
T. William R.
2020-11-23 17:46:53
Very pleased with the outcome of the Procedures.
Andrew O.
2020-11-14 09:43:44
It's been now over a year since my FLA in Sept/19, my PSA at that time before FLA was 10.3, at 4 months post FLA 0.6, now at over a year after it went up...
Faith L.
2020-08-29 14:30:37
After a very extensive search and speaking with numerous doctors and ...reviewing their results data (as best as one can, as many do not want to share their...
Kenneth B.
2020-06-06 18:17:16
Had FLA in August 2019 and I am very pleased with the procedure and outcome by Dr. Karamanian. Before FLA PSA was about 9. It was 2.0 after procedure....
Chuck -.
2020-05-15 16:26:21
Dr. Karamanian provided much support before the laser procedure, during and after; much like you'd want any doctor to do, but I'd say he was exceptional in...
Thomas C.
2020-04-10 15:56:49
I underwent prostate laser ablation for prostate cancer by Dr Karamanianon 6/10/19. I was very impressed with his initial evaluation of my case and his...
Denny L.
2020-03-29 15:14:47
I flew in from Seattle early March, 2020 for both FLA and BPH treatment after review of my 3T MRI CD images with Dr. Karamanian.The surgery went exactly as...
B C.
2020-03-25 14:47:00
Review of my PCa Screening (Dr. Joseph Busch) and FLA Treatment ( Dr. Ara Karamanian)My alarm bells began around March 2019, after separate blood tests,...
Andrew O.
2020-03-25 11:03:30
It's now 6 months after my FLA, I went for FLA because I had severe BPH problems with potential bladder deterioration and I was Gl4+3. I investigated FLA...
Robert B.
2020-03-01 08:59:45
Four years ago was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer. I was a 3/4, gleason 7. I surveilled the tumor for 3 years and whenmy PSA started to climb, I...
Eddie P.
2020-02-16 10:07:40
Eddie P.I was diagnosed with prostate cancer G3+4 (PSI 5.9)in November of 2018. My Urologist suggested radical prostatectomy or radiation. I did not care...
Toby T.
2020-01-13 09:39:53
I had MRI Guided Focal Laser Ablation done by Dr. Karamanian in Houston, Texas (and senior Nurse Donnie Sartin) exactly 4 weeks ago. I had severe BPH...
David B.
2019-12-31 11:16:39
After being diagnosed with stage two prostate cancer (PSA # 9.7) I researched four treatment options, prostatectomy, radiation treatment, HIFU, and Focal...
Richard S.
2019-12-14 11:51:50
Dr. Karamanian and his staff are wonderful. His FLA procedure was amazing for me. One year ago I traveled to Houston for ablation of my 3+4 prostate cancer...
Dean T.
2019-11-21 14:16:30
Absolutely the best and most compassionate care anywhere...Dr K is incredibly skilled and dedicated to his patients even long after their treatment, and...
Alex U.
2019-11-16 22:13:59
I had MRI guided Focal Laser Ablation for BPH done on Sep 6, 2019. The moment I met the doctor and his team at the pre-op appointment I knew I am in good...
Doug B.
2019-11-02 05:03:11
Procedure date: 01/29/19Assessment: 63-Year-old male with clinically significant, G3+4 right anterior midgland lesion, no evidence of ECE. G3+4...
Jack S.
2019-10-30 07:12:21
My focal laser ablation was Tuesday, April 30th. 1 tumor with two positive cores (all other cores benign on target biopsy). Cores were 10 percent 3+4=7 and...
Asahel717 ..
2019-10-03 09:43:31
Dr. Ara Karamanian and his nurse Donnie Sartin are remarkable. They are what we can only hope (or dream) what 21st Century healthcare should be. Men...
Bradley H.
2019-08-01 08:44:10
I had FLA with Dr. Karamanian and Nurse Donnie in October of 2017. My PSA has since gone up a little (to 3.0) and the local urologists were wanting to...
Jon M.
2019-07-28 06:58:47
Ive been watching my PSA since i was 30. My Urologist did a few random TRUS biopsies when i got to PSAs of 5 and 7 and given that i had a Gleason 6 and the...
Moin F.
2019-06-07 08:09:23
After reading several positive reviews, I emailed my MRI and other reports for to Dr. Karamanian. I was called by the Doctor and he gave me half an hour and...
Pete H.
2019-05-28 08:13:18
Follow-up appointment for a "touch up" to previous procedure. Could not have been better. Quick appointment setting, thorough workup, expert procedure done,...
Chris C.
2019-05-21 09:53:49
The VA-hospital in Albuquerque NM detected my PC. After consulting with them and Dr. Karamanian, I decided to go with the laser ablation and happy that it's...
David H.
2019-05-03 11:00:48
David H.I am 68 years old and on March 21, 2017 my PSA reading was 9.6 and I was suffering from moderate erectile dysfunction. My doctor ordered a MRI for...
Baron L.
2019-04-23 13:03:05
After a diagnosis of severe BPH and aggressive Gleason 8 prostate cancer, my wife found Dr. Karamanian and the Prostate Laser Center online. A phone...
Tina P.
2019-03-21 19:40:16
I can't believe this is really true I never believe there is cure to this HIV 2 because all the hospital have told me there is no cure to it, few months ago...
Max G.
2019-02-27 17:00:06
My wife and I are from Duncan SC and we were referred to Prostate Laser Center by Dr. Joe Busch of Chattanooga, TN.Dr. Karamanian and his nurse, Donnie...
Ron T.
2018-11-05 05:47:53
I highly recommend Dr Ara Karamanian for prostate laser ablation.Having a diagnosis of prostate cancer is unsettling to say the least.I had seen my...
Michael C.
2018-09-26 17:38:33
Just completed focal laser ablation (FLA) for G 3+4 prostate cancer with Dr. K on September 25th. As other newly diagnosed men understand, the decision...
Victor B.
2018-08-18 17:05:07
I have suffered BPH for many years. Searching through the web I found Dr. K and learned about Focal Laser Ablation. I was treated about 5 weeks ago and now...
Patrick K.
2018-08-04 12:04:56
In Feb. of 2017 I was diagnosed with aggressive stage IIA prostate cancer with multiple tumors. Gleason score of 7 with both 3+4 and 4+3. I had...
Bob D.
2017-06-21 13:25:19
I could not have had a better Doctor! Dr Karamanian is compassionate, sympathetic and explained every step of the procedure before we got started in great...
Adam S.
2017-02-18 18:36:40
I can't address the issue of cost, but I have to say that Dr. Karamanian does NOT look at medicine and prostate cancer in particular as a business. He sees...