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HALO Medical Group Texas, Professional Association has acquired the medical records of Prostate Laser Center, PLLC effective March 1st, 2024.  If you wish, you may obtain a copy of your medical records from HALO Medical Group Texas, Professional Association by reaching out to the same phone number (713) 904-4014.  The physical address also remains the same: 6624 Fannin St., Suite 2580, Houston, TX 77030.

Prostate Laser Center, PLLC is fully closing its medical practice effective March 1st, 2024, with Ara Karamanian, MD continuing employment at HALO Medical Group, Professional Association.  HALO Medical Group Texas, Professional Association is continuing to provide medical services at this location.  HALO Medical Group Texas, Professional Association will be doing business as (DBA) Prostate Laser Center.

Our team believes in combining high-end technology and specialized expertise with personalized care for each patient. We offer minimally invasive therapies to treat prostate cancer and/or benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH): laser focal therapy and TULSA-PRO.

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Eyes on the Target: This Isn’t Your Father’s Version of Prostate Care

Rather than drastic, invasive procedures, which are often automatically recommended after a prostate cancer diagnosis, these MRI-guided procedures are minimally invasive and reduce the risk of side effects by offering real-time MRI targeting and temperature monitoring.

We use a highly sophisticated 3T Siemens Skyra MRI, which offers excellent prostate imaging, even without an endorectal coil. We use this high-quality MRI for all treatments.

FDA-cleared Technology

We use an FDA-cleared laser for precision BPH and prostate cancer treatment to perform laser focal therapy (LFT), also called focal laser ablation (FLA).

For patient comfort, we perform these procedures with IV-conscious sedation, in addition to local anesthesia.

For added patient safety, we use capnography to monitor CO2 levels, in addition to the required monitors of EKG, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry.

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We also use an even newer technology, TULSA-PRO. This allows real-time temperature mapping while ablating, or heating up, tissue to the point of cell death.

Like any other treatment option, each of these minimally invasive approaches has its strengths and weaknesses. By offering both treatment options, we can evaluate each patient and recommend one or the other based on their situation and desired outcomes.

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” We don’t want to be limited to one “hammer.”

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Founded in 2016

Dr. Ara Karamanian founded the Laser Prostate Center in 2016 and since then, over 400 patients have been treated here with laser focal therapy (LFT) / focal laser ablation (FLA).

In 2020, Prostate Laser Center was acquired by HALO Diagnostics, allowing Dr. Ara Karamanian and Dr. John Feller to partner with each other and a world-class technology team for the purpose of advancing men’s health.

In 2021, Prostate Laser Center added TULSA-PRO in its fight against prostate cancer and BPH.

In 2022, a second physician and nurse joined our team to allow us to bring these technologies to even more men and their families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TULSA-PRO offers certain advantages over laser in certain patients, especially when the lesion is relatively large and away from critical structures such as the nerve bundles that provide erectile function.

For BPH treatment:

Private insurance will sometimes cover a significant portion of the procedure, minus copays and deductibles. You can try calling your insurance with these codes and asking:
The CPT code is 52647 and the ICD code is N40.1.

Medicare is complicated, but the answer is generally no.

For Cancer Treatment:

Private insurance will usually not cover a significant portion of the procedure. You can try calling your insurance with these codes and asking:
The CPT code is 55899 and the ICD code is C61.

Medicare is complicated, but the answer is generally no.

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