The Prostate Laser Center was formed in order to provide the highest level of personalized care to each patient. Dr. Karamanian, an interventional radiologist, diagnostic radiologist, and biomedical engineer, created a center focused on delivering the best outcomes, a place where the patients come first.

Our commitment to excellence:

We use a top of the line, 3T Siemen’s Skyra MRI which offers unparalleled prostate imaging, even without an endorectal coil. We use this same MRI for our diagnostic multiparametic MRIs (mpMRIs) and all interventional cases.

Dr. Karamanian is a diagnostic radiologist and an interventional radiologist, a graduate of an ACGME accredited interventional radiology fellowship. An interventional radiology fellowship is specialized, advanced training in using advanced imaging technologies (MRI, ultrasound, CT, and x-ray) to perform precise, minimally invasive procedures.

We perform focal laser ablation with conscious sedation to minimize pain. In addition to the standard EKG, blood pressure and pulse oximetry, we also use capnography to monitor CO2 levels for added safety.

We take the time to perform multiple overlapping ablations to minimize the risk of leaving any cancer cells behind.

We provide an easy to use, secure MRI upload capability directly on our website for quicker evaluation, avoiding the hassle and inconvenience of mailing CDs.


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